Friday, June 25, 2010

10th Annual Quilt Camp

What an amazing week! And a wonderful group of family and volunteer helpers!

Want to host a quilting camp in your area? Click the link below for info on obtaining the complete curriculum on CD. The curriculum was written under the direction of Washington State 4-H staff and WSU AMDT faculty.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Purple Passion

The second pair of socks came off the needles on Wednesday night. They aren't perfect but they are very wearable, never-the-less, because the fit is great. I love the feel of the cotton blend yarn from Knit Picks. The socks are so soft and silky to the touch.

If I had them to do over, I would put in more lifelines. I forgot to put one in before I started the heel turn. I must have purled two stitches together because the slip stitch heel didn't line up in the sock underneath. Also, I wouldn't have changed the type of ribbing for the last inch of the cuff. The knit 4, purl 2 was stretchy enough and the density of the cotton keeps the socks up even though the second part of the cuff flares out due to the change in ribbing and the Aloha Cast-off. I will try the sewn bind-off, next time. Hopefully it will not flare the cuff of the sock.

Despite the fact that the yarn was labeled worsted weight, it easily knit up on US 2 needles, 7.5-8 stitches per inch, the gauge for DK weight. With sock yarn, I am going to have to move down to US 0 circulars. They are in the mail and since I have 4-H quilting camp next week, my attention is conveniently re-focused. ;) Guess I have to go back to knitting tawashis.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Stretchy Bind-Off Technique

If you tried my little bag pattern, you may have used the Stretch Armstrong sewn bind-off technique. The above video shows a stretchy knit bind-off demonstrated by Cat Bordhi, a famous sock knitter and novelist. This one provides incredible stretch.