Friday, April 13, 2012

Veggie Bag Dispenser

For two days we had Re-Bath of Oregon tearing apart our bathroom and putting it back together.  While they worked, I knitted.  The results was a Veggie Bag Dispenser inspired by the pattern for a doggie poo-bag dispenser first published in Bark magazine and now posted at Facebook.

I used inexpensive Red Heart acrylic yarn in worsted weight with size 9 circular needles, cast on the 48 stitches and allowed 2 inches for the roll top before the eyelets, then knit even for about 16 inches, decreased to 24 stitches, and ended with 2k, 2p ribbing for an inch. I twisted yarn for a tie that is also the hanging loop. The colors are perfect for my kitchen; matching my curtain topper and the potholders Debra Burgess made me in the Treadle On Potholder Exchange for Machines of Color.

The veggie bags will have an attractive hiding place while they wait to be used for dirty diapers.  I intend to make another for plastic grocery sacks but increase one stitch in the 2nd round after the eyelets, centering the increase between them. The dispensing hole will remain the same at 24 stitches and 2 by 2 ribbing.

The yarn was extremely coarse feeling with little resilience.  It almost seemed like it was over heated in the processing of the fiber. I have never had Red Heart acrylic yarn with such a poor hand but it won't stop me from using more for utility type projects.