Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mom's Quilt

My recliner is modeling another quilt. This one is for my mom. I have been intending to make her one since I found 2 sets of 6 fat quarters in her favorite colors several years ago when I was in grad school. At the same time, I picked up the pattern, Yellow Brick Road. But having second thoughts about the scrappy look, I decided on a slight variation of the traditional Rail Fence pattern.

In an effort to develop my quilting skills, I worked on creating a new quilting pattern of free form flowers, loops, and leaves over the blocks. My border has vines of leaves and a flower in the center and each corner. You can see I cheated a bit and did some embellishing of the inside border with my domestic sewing machine. ;) (Click on pictures to enlarge for detail.)
Now to get a special signature block made on the embroidery machine. If I don't dedicate the quilt to her, my mom will be asking me in two months if she can give it to someone. She has done that with other things I have made for her. Not that I mind, because I generally make small, practical gifts like placemats and shopping bags.