Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Two Done, One to Go!

My mom has put in requests for three aprons.  One was easy.  She had me copy a chef's style apron that fit her well.  I made the first one last year and completed another last month.  The next request was a challenge.  
When I saw her for her birthday in October, she had an ad for a smock type apron.  With the renewed popularity of aprons, you think it would be easy to find a pattern for a smock but googling didn't bring much success and none were in the pattern books for the major companies, either.

With the help of some internet friends, I located a vintage Kwik Sew pattern for a zip front smock.  It didn't have a yoke, gathers, or buttons; but with a picture of a pattern insert from another vintage pattern, I made adaptions to the Kwik Sew pattern and now my mom will have her smock.  

Next, but with no immediate pressure, will be an apron she can wear next fall and on Halloween when she answers the door to trick or treaters.  Mom used to dress up as a witch until she scared her one and only a few years ago in her old neighborhood.   Since she moved, her new location is very popular and she lamented she wished she at least had a special apron for the occasion.
The toddler apron is for the cutie who smiles at you up in the corner.  My daughter is giving him some small but real cooking utensils for Christmas.  I promised a chef's apron.  I need to complete a matching hand towel, next.  

If you like the embroidery design, you can find it at Embroidery Library.  This is from a set for the "fruits of the spirit."  They offer the design for both small and large hoops.  I reduced the design from the large pack to fit the pocket with no problems.