Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Bleeding Pigma Micron Pen

I am making my blocks for the vintage White owners' block exchange. Being a good student, I followed the instructions and bought white muslin at our JoAnn's. I selected the best quality they have. I made 18 blocks but I needed 24 for 2 sets. I ran short with the yard I had purchased because the fabric shifted when I pre-washed it. I went back to buy more but the clerk suggested that the quilter's white broadcloth was a better choice. I purchased enough to complete my last set.

The noticeable difference in the fabric is smoothness. I am not having problems with the Pigma Micron pen bleeding. At first I thought it was the starch that was carrying the ink but now with the starched broadcloth, I know it is the cotton staple that is the culprit. See the bleeding ink in the muslin block on the left, below:

Click photo to enlarge
For those of you in the White BE, don't get shook about the shade of the broadcloth. It is white like the muslin. The lighting and my camera are playing tricks on you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir and Twigless

Today was a pleasant 85 degrees in the Walla Walla Valley. We are finally warming up. Last week was in the 40's and 50's. I figured it was a good time to move the twigless White treadle cabinet out on the patio and try out Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir.
I had heard wonderful reports about the miracles Dr. Woodwell performs on antique treadle cabinets. Twigless' finish was flaking and gone on top. Other surfaces were not as bad. The veneer was and is marred and chipped.

(Click photo to enlarge for detail)
But as you can see the product does as it claims to remove paint spatters and meld the old finish into one new surface. Where the finish was worn the most, the grain raised and I had to buff it with steel wool to even out the wood surface. It is lighter in those spots but still the results is worth the effort and fun to show off.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun Art

Check out the sewing machine and other pictures by this talented and unique artist, Don Stewart:

Lots of detail and fun objects hidden in the drawing. Some of them are sewing related and some are not. He has an interesting bio:


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Miryam, the Obstinate Singer 66 Tiffany

I have had a diversion from the pressing details of getting ready for TOGA and my trip to Shipshewana, IN, for the advanced sewing machine repair class. I guess I tend to create diversions when I should be focusing on due dates. A bad habit that I used to get house cleaning chores done when I was in grad school. ;)

Well, this is what has been sidetracking my attention, Miryam, the obstinate one:
Miryam has Tiffany decals. I used to think that all Singers with decals with red in them were "Red Eyes" but when I went looking to see what the Tiffany style looked like, I recognized my own Singer 66.

This machine has been in my husband's family for years. It was on the family farm and his sister said she sewed on it when she was young. Al's dad says the machine belonged to his dad's half brother. They think it was Shorty's mom's machine because Al's dad remembers his mom had a White treadle.

Miryam has a production order date of May 3, 1916; not really an old machine for a treadle. My Lorelei, a White Rotary is older.

Miryam has been the most resistant of all the vintage machines I have worked on. Most anything that should turn didn't or did so with great effort. The handwheel is still cemented on the shaft but I can wind bobbins. I worked the bobbin winder by hand until all the parts functioned as they should. I am planning on getting some Kroil penetrating oil in hopes that it will work on getting the handwheel loose.

I have given up the notion that I will swap the presser foot bar out for one that will take ordinary side clamping presser feet and attachments. The screw that holds the presser foot bracket on the bar is stripped. If I can't get off the bracket, I won't be able to lift it up though the hole in the top of the machine. I am disappointed because I really want to use all of my Singer attachments on Miryam and do free motion quilting with the foot I bought from Cindy Peters. I guess I will just have to find another Singer treadle for that. ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Honoring April 1st Traditions

I know some of you just can't bring yourself to buy an old machine that treadles or handcranks. If you don't have the skills to repair them, they are going to cost a bit to get up and running if you have to check them in at the local quilt shop or sewing machine store for repairs. That is a big consideration. ;) Perhaps you need to consider this TOL machine at QuiltersWarehouse:

This machine will definitely not clash with any modern machine you may have in your collection!!

See the other amazing April specials here:

Happy April 1st!