Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Quilt for Indy

Some things just aren't perfect in life and this is one of them.  If I could remake this quilt top, I would start with the fabrics.  The yellow needs to be brighter and the orange overpowers the red.  It is just too much!  Next, I cut all the strips in the blocks on the lengthwise grain.  I know, you real quilters say that is best, but only one, the turtle/snail theme fabric needed to be on the lengthwise grain.  The rest didn't matter and they would have had the give to help me match the rows at the block joins much better if I had cut them on the crosswise grain.  Using a Shape Cut to cut the strips didn't help either.  The slits wobble, producing slight irregularities in the width of the strips.  I will only use that tool for cutting strips for placemats, not for quilt blocks where they have to match precisely.  But with all its imperfections, it is a quilt that my new grandson can drag around until it is thread bare and gramma will make a new one.  ;)