Saturday, May 19, 2018

No T-squares Allowed

This top was started in 2010.  The Rail Fence variation was made from 2 sets of 6 different fat quarters, one set given to me by a dear friend who gave them to me for my time spent helping her pin a quilt for that would be a gift for her first grandchild.
The top was once dubbed strawberries and chocolate but cherries and cupcakes are scattered on one fabric of the scrappy back.
The quilt was on Patience, the HandiQuilter, when we were packing to move.  Unfinished, with only borders needing quilting, it was rolled up, bundled in a pillowcase, and tucked away.  I resolved this week to get it out of storage and complete the borders, and then ready it for binding. 

My goal has been achieved with little else to applaud.  The computer guided patterns were a poor choice because they only accentuate borders that have only the appearance of being straight at brief glimpse or great distance.  No one will be permitted near the quilt carrying anything that looks like a yardstick, tape measure, or T-square.  


ceblakeney said...

Ha! I don't allow measuring instruments near my quilts either. Nevertheless this is going to be a sweet quilt, and I hope you enjoy the end result. Why the heck do we need perfect symmetry anyway??? ;) I am currently cutting up some old plaid shirts my dad had to make a memory quilt. He passed on May 2 and I was thinking about 4-patches with solid blocks in between but after seeing this I think a Rail Fence block would be more appropriate, and better able to use more of the reclaimed fabric. Thank you for the inspiration!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Don't worry, I won't call the quilt police on you, if you promise not to call them on me. As long as a quilt brings comfort, who cares if it is slightly out of whack? I don't measure mine, so that I can claim innocence.