Tuesday, August 16, 2016

On Again, Off Again

Sitka by the Sea in I Spy with a Twist
This quilt top has been like my blogging efforts of recent years; on again, off again.  It finally made it from cut blocks, to completed blocks, and finally to a completed top in six plus years of contemplation and sewing.

The pattern, I Spy with a Twist, is not difficult.  It just takes some thought and planning.  With labels and folders for organizing, the piecing will be easy and straight forward.  The finished Celtic circles look more complicated than they really are.

With some simple quilting, this top will become a wall quilt that will hang over the Murphy style bed in our guest room.

The guest room is the sight of sewing efforts from earlier this year.  Tab curtains from my mom's house needed longer tabs to fit the handmade wood rods.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I can't remember if that is the pattern my friend used to make a wedding present quilt for my youngest son. She used fabrics she had purchased on previous trips to Alaska. She figured an Alaskan quilt for a new Alaskan couple would work nicely.

Sally said...

Perfect present for newly weds heading for first home in Alaska! The designer is from Alaska, too!