Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Knitting, More or Less

Knitting becomes my fiber diversion in the summer.  With small projects in hand, I can knit in the car while travelling or comfortable in my favorite easy chair in front of a fan.

In April, I panicked.  I realized that making 20 pincushions for the quilt camp volunteers would not be the idea for appreciation gifts.  Some of the volunteers really don't sew or quilt much and would have little use for a pincushion.  I went back to my standard gift, 2 hand knit dishcloths, despite an allergy to cotton fibers contributing to itchy eyes, sinus issues, and a chronic cough.  

Since April, more than 100 dishcloths have fallen off the needles.  I have a good start on dishcloths for 2018 quilt camp.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Dish cloths are always a good thing. I'm allergic to wool. Thank goodness cotton doesn't bother me.

Sally said...

Cheryl, I was surprised to find cotton bothering me. It never did before we moved here. When I took up sock knitting, I thought wool would bother me but the new super wash wool for socks has nothing left in it to aggravate my allergies and I find the wool more comfortable to wear than cotton now that I have tried it.