Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's Got to be Easy!

Knitting dishcloths has never been my favorite project.  Everyone has a pattern they either like to knit or use.  My hands are small and most dishcloths are too big.  Also I like them tightly knit and I like a pattern that doesn't end up with lace holes in the wrong place or not at all.  I have never gotten along with the bias knit dishcloth pattern that has lace holes on the border.  With function, speed, and size in mind, a new version started falling off my needles.  Here is the pattern for all of you who like freebies.

  • Cast on 3 stitches with worsted weight cotton yarn, size US 6, 7, or 8 needles (I use size 7 mostly) 
  • Knit one row
  • Increase in the first stitch of each row by knitting in the front and back of the stitch
  • Repeat increases until you have the desired size, I like 44 stitches but DiL likes her dishcloths small so hers are 33 stitches
  • Now decrease at the beginning of each row by knitting one stitch, slipping the second stitch knitwise, and then knitting the third stitch
  • Pass the second stitch slipped stitch over the third and knit until the end of the row
  • Continue decreasing until there are 8 stitches on the needle
  • Repeat first decrease sequence above, then knit two stitches together twice, knit the last stitch (5 stitches remain)
  • Repeat first decrease sequence (4 stitches remain)
  • Knit two stitches together twice (2 stitches remain)
  • Bind off by knitting the two stitches together, cutting a 6 inch yarn tail and pulling it through
  • Weave in ends
This is not a glamorous dishcloth but fully functional and fast, guaranteed to fall off the knitting needles at lightening speed.  


diane said...

what a fun project! knitting a few for a gift would certainly feel relaxing to accomplish and be very appreciated! great job, sally


Sally said...

Thanks, Diane! I think I have knit enough for awhile. Back to socks and cowls, my favorite knits, and maybe a few hats for the grands and charity.