Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rabbit Trails and Diversions

After a very busy day hosting a family BBQ for our 3, the spouses, and the grands, I took a break to make up some earrings.

The sewing charms in the earrings above were a recent purchase on a day trip to the beach.  We made a stop at the Latimer Textile Museum in Tillamook, OR.
Mural at the Latimer Textile Museum
The featured artist at the museum was Victor Pirtle.  His quilts are composed of of many layers of fabric and even more yards of thread in the dense quilting.  My photos are very poor but they are a glimpse of his extraordinary and laborious work.  All quilting is done on a standard home sewing machine.

After the textile museum we walked on the beach and then headed back to Tillamook for lunch, a tour of a local historical museum, and then the quilt shop.  It was a glorious day.  Fall in the Pacific Northwest can bring mild beautiful weather to our coastal towns and beaches.
Quiet beach in Oceanside, OR

The owner of the Fabric Patch in Tillamook, OR loves PINK!
If you look closely in the photo above, two of the county's 100 plus quilt blocks adorning buildings are in view (one on the garage door and the other on the wall of the paint store next to the quilt shop).  Read more about the Quilt Trail here:  http://www.tillamookquilttrail.org/about.htm

Monday, October 1, 2018

Elm Street Quilts October OMG: Christmas Countdown

Christmas sewing has begun.  One quilt is ready to bind and another is in the planning stages.  My Elm Street Quilts October OMG is to get the binding on the first holiday quilt off the Incredible Hulk

The Rudolph quilt was quick and easy layer cake quilt inspired by a freebie from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I made a couple of revisions to accommodate the theme fabric blocks in my layer cake.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Elm Street Quilts OMG September Finish Linkup: Brief and to the Point

Elm Street Quilts OMG Finish for September
Goal met, binding is on.  I am pleased to have another UFO completed for the September Elm Street Quilts OMG.  DH likes the quilt so much, I haven't gifted it.   Hanging or otherwise displaying the quilt is questionable.  The two rooms where it would look best don't have wall space for hanging or furniture where it can be draped.   We are still debating the issue.  My good intentions of blessing someone with this quilt have been temporarily sidetracked.   

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Solution to Bobbin Thread Tangles

Yesterday, I went to get my travel sewing machine kit with little tools to remove a throat plate and the odd bobbins I keep for testing machines were a tangled mess.  Years ago I saw a tip for making an inexpensive bobbin tray from 5/8" OD - 1/2" ID vinyl tubing.  The tubing was purchased and sitting in my workbench drawer waiting.  I finally made the tray and it works great!  It holds the bobbins tidily in the pencil case I use to hold the tools.
Use sharp and strong craft scissors to cut the tubing to the length preferred and then make a lengthwise cut to separate it.  The heavy tubing has enough strength and memory to hold bobbins of slightly different diameters securely.  Additionally, the tubing can be cut to make small collars for each bobbin but I find them more difficult to cut for the narrow Class L bobbins for my two Pfaffs and they are difficult to remove on larger Class M bobbins that have only a small amount of thread on them.

Elm Street Quilts OMG Link Up: Challenge met with Success

An earlier Elm Street Quilts OMG for the month of July was not on my list as a pleasing finish.  The quilt top was done and the monthly goal was met on time but the borders were rippling and I was seriously contemplating removing them to correct the problem. 
The top was set aside while I finished another older UFO for the month of August.  I also watched other longarm quilters in YouTube videos take on quilts with worse borders than mine.  With 10 years of longarm quilting experience of quilting mostly my own quilts with no issues, I decided I needed to accept the challenge and leave on the wavy borders.  The results were an amazing and I am very pleased.
All fullness was worked in with no pleats or puckers.  The quilt is flat and square with straight borders.  Additionally, the pale minty green thread blends perfectly across the different batiks with no tension issues.  I am a happy quilter!

My Elm Street Quilts OMG for September is to finish binding the quilt.  The binding is ready to attach and with Fall weather bringing lower temperatures and some rain, it should be a pleasant task to sit with the quilt on my lap while I listen to a book or two.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Elm Street Quilts August Finish: Binding Made and More

Binding done for August's Elm Street Quilts OMG
With some determination and a cancellation, more was accomplished this month than I had hoped.  When our niece's maid of honor decided to stay with a friend, I didn't have to focus on cleaning and meals for a house guest.  The quilt binding was made on schedule and then attached and hand stitch down while DH attended his 50th high school reunion and I sat at home indulging in audio books and movies.

We also squeezed in the trip to Silverton, OR.  The focal point of the outing was the Oregon Garden.  After a dry hot summer, the garden is still beautiful but not as lush and green as they would be in May or early June.  The free tram tour is well worth the time with bit of humor added to the informative overview of the park.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures in the gardens, only on the entry to the park. The only Frank Lloyd Wright structure in Oregon was moved and reconstructed near the garden gate.  We didn't pay for a tour as there are several videos on YouTube that show off his interior design that includes an extensive use of built-in storage to avoid the clutter of furnishings.

The exterior of the Gordon house may appear simple but the striking features are the unique use of natural light and the way the architect brings the surrounding landscape into the interior of the home with floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor and the light filtering, wood trimmed upper windows.  Also, the use of wood on the exterior of the house makes the cement block home appear more luxurious.   

Just above the Frank Lloyd Wright Gordon house, is an Angel of Hope Garden.  This is one of many angels scattered around the world dedicated to parents who have lost a child.  The first angel was commissioned at the request of the author, Richard Paul Evans, in a response to readers of The Christmas Box.  The Silverton Angel is one of two in the state of Oregon.  The other is in a cemetery in Portland.
Other Angel Locations:
I am not ready for Fall.  Temperatures have dropped significantly and rain has signaled the change of seasons.  The immediate and important benefits are clean air and forest fire control.  If it weren't for consequences of tinder dry land, Summer could last another month or so.  

Monday, August 6, 2018

August Elm Street Quilts OMG: One Step Forward

It seems like the piles on my cutting table are multiplying.  I should be making progress on cleaning it off so I can use it for cutting instead of sorting fabrics for quilts and other projects but I keep getting distracted and instead of organizing, I sew or quilt instead and pull more fabrics out of boxes, adding to the disarray.  Of course, buying more fabric doesn't help either. 

Two small projects for the month would subtract from some of the mess on the cutting table.  If I make binding for the quilt I just took off the quilting machine and the pillowcase that goes with the quilt I made my newest grandson, I can put some extra fabric away.

There is a diagonal print stripe that will make great binding for the Yellow Brick Road below.
Elm Street Quilts August OMG:  Make Binding
And there is surplus of the scattered bunny fabric in the last border of this quilt for the pillowcase.  I promised a pillowcase would appear sometime in the future.
I hope to accomplish more but my sister has doctor appointments, our niece's maid of honor is staying with us the week of the wedding, we have missionary friends dropping by the same weekend, and at the end of the month, it would be nice to take a day trip down to Silverton and Mt. Angel to see the sights.