Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Killed the Microwave, Again

I have killed 3 microwaves in 5 years, all since our Great Move.  My first microwave made it 25 years, plus some, so it has to be my cooking methods in the new environment.

This house has an enclosed space for the microwave we call The Cave.  According to 2 of the manuals for 3 of the microwaves, the air space clearance was sufficient.  One would conclude the same for the other model that came with the house as it was of the same brand and appearance.

So, what would kill a microwave?  Too much heat and no overload switch for the turn table motor or the magetron (the heating element of sorts for a microwave).  Regrettably, no more giant bowls of granola, microwave dried almost fat-free potato chips, popcorn, or significantly for a fiber artist, no steaming wool yarn to set the dye.  I'll be sticking with a crockpot for Kool-Aid dyeing.
Kool-Aid dyed Sea Urchin Pincushion from March 30, 2016


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I 'smoked' two microwaves in just a couple of months (my mother's, which was really old, and our built in, that was connected to an oven that was barely working). My first microwave lasted almost 20 years.

Sally said...

Mine was heating up water for a day after I made the microwave potato chips, then it just didn't work. We bought a smaller version of the other 3 because it was the smallest model I could find. It didn't cost much so we put it in the "cave" and intend to only use it for heating less than 2 minutes. Until I get the kitchen remodeled, the "cave" is the only place I have for a microwave. I seriously doubt it would last 25 years even if I had room on the counter.