Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scrap Catcher

This project makes a nice gift for a sewing friend. You can find the instructions for the project if you join the following Yahoo list:

The project instructions
are in: Thread Catcher Sewing Bee

Here are my notes on the changes I made:

Jane's Thread Catcher

Can use 2 fat quarters but a third accent color can be used for a band around top of bag.

One tab to attach scrap bag with a button: 3" by 6" sewn in seam of cover for tile (fold strip into quarters with right sides out, topstitch and make a pointed tab, may zigzag stitch part of tab together to form a smaller opening for the button.)

For heart pincushion, trace heart shape on one of two fabrics. Make a buttonhole in heart that will be on the bottom
(interface for more stability). Cut open. Sew around heart shapes with a 1.5 stitch length. Trim seam allowance with pinking shears. Stuff firmly. Whip stitch buttonhole closed. Hot glue or Velcro on covered tile. I have been told the new heat fusible Velcro is very good.

I got 4 6-inch square tiles for 1.96 at Home Depot. I also tried the 4 inch tiles but made my bag smaller, too.

Here is a tip: If you can't slide the padded tile in the fabric cover
easily, cut a piece of plastic wrap or shopping bag just big enough to go around the covered tile and then slide it in. Pull the plastic out after you have the tile in the cover.

Another from a friend: Use fusible vinyl to line inside of bag. Your threads and scraps will fall to the bottom more easily.

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