Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Name for the White Rotary

The White Rotary has a name: Lorelei! She has already demonstrated her ability to call out and draw other treadles to her shore. I know the machine isn't made in Germany but I think she has a sturdy beauty like the rock she has been named after and she has a song she is singing to attract other machines like the fair maiden of the legends.

Yesterday, I remembered I had seen an ad for a treadle on craigslist in the city where I am headed to celebrate Christmas. I looked it up and there in living color was another White treadle in an oak cabinet. The price was $25! I emailed and asked the seller if I would be able to see the treadle the day after Christmas. He said, "Yes!" I can't believe it. The ad just expired tonight and I can't even link to it.

Lorelei's condition is much improved. I can now remove the needle and change presser feet. Also, the knob that adjusts the presser foot pressure is working. I have cleaned more green-brown lacquered oil off the machine. I think she will do more than sing. I found a nearly local source for reasonably priced treadle belts. Three are on their way. I should have them by the time I am back home from celebrating with family.

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