Sunday, December 16, 2007

The New Member of the Fleet

Yesterday, I made another trip to see a treadle. This one was in a better place for viewing. We didn't have to stand in the rain to lift up a plastic cover. ;) A bit of history; I saw this treadle go up on craigslist on Tuesday. I asked for contact info and called the guy. I asked about some things that Katie Farmer recommended. She is the White guru on the Treadle On list. I was assured despite the missing oak plug next to the slide plate, that the cabinet was refinished and the machine would sew. The present owner had bought it from someone who was intending to sew on it.

When I saw the machine, the present owner said he had bought it as an intended gift for a relative but discovered she really wanted a Singer treadle. He found one and decided to sell the White. He said that the White had come up from CA with the previous owners. When he called, he got the husband and found out he knew nothing about the machine being for sale. Seems hi
s wife had posted the ad without telling him. I guess he was a little irritated because he was working on the machine in hopes of sewing with it.

Now for some pictures. I have the machine on my workbench so you are just going to see the head. I will take more of the cabinet and irons later.

Okay, I know, this machine head is not going to win a beauty contest, but, hey, I can't afford anything in this area that might. Well, the truth is, I haven't been able to find much in the way of treadles in this part of the state. And besides, the handwheel and the working parts turn so easily. The handwheel just spins when I give it a good pull. I am really hopeful I can sew with this working wonder. The guy I bought it from wanted to sell it to someone that wanted it for its ability to sew. I think I was that someone. Now, I just have to get the tension right and do some more cleaning.

Back to the work bench. I haven't been able to get the presser foot off and there is a stubborn screw in the throat plate that is resisting me. Oh, I have to think of a name for this machine, too.

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