Monday, May 17, 2010

Tribbles and Bits

You read right! It is Tribbles and bits and not dog food. I have been trying to use up my bits of scrap yarn. Tawashis (Japanese for scrubbie) caught my eye in a Threads blog newsletter. Their instructions were for crocheted tawashis. Since my knitting skills surpass my humble attempts to crochet, I googled for knitted versions. The Tribbles version appealed to me.

If you like the Tribbles, find the complete instructions here:

If you like to crochet, find that version for the Tribble here:

Now, if you take up using these fun little kitchen sponges, you might like to keep them free of germs. Research shows that zapping a wet cellulose sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes is most effective without using any chemical germ killers. Wet cotton and acrylic fibers can take the heat of the microwave but my sister-in-law tried a plastic sponge and it melted. She now uses only cellulose. Read the about the research here:

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