Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Summer, Another 4-H Quilting Camp

So you want a CD on how to run a quilting camp in your area?
Just click here for more info.


deonn said...

Hi, I am a 4-H volunteer Mom and I am impressed with the work your young people accomplished! The quilts are beautiful! How long was camp, and did you have lots of helpers?

Sally said...

I knew I couldn't get away without some more details. ;) Our camp is 5 days long. We sew with a break for lunch from 9 am until 1 pm everyday. I like to have a parent or mentor who works along side each of the children. The parents press and trim with the rotary cutters. The kids do the sewing. Then on Friday, everyone has someone to tie with them. The camp is run kind of like a community quilting bee. Parents and kids can learn together. No prior sewing experience is required. I take youths who have finish 4th grade or older.