Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Bleeding Pigma Micron Pen

I am making my blocks for the vintage White owners' block exchange. Being a good student, I followed the instructions and bought white muslin at our JoAnn's. I selected the best quality they have. I made 18 blocks but I needed 24 for 2 sets. I ran short with the yard I had purchased because the fabric shifted when I pre-washed it. I went back to buy more but the clerk suggested that the quilter's white broadcloth was a better choice. I purchased enough to complete my last set.

The noticeable difference in the fabric is smoothness. I am not having problems with the Pigma Micron pen bleeding. At first I thought it was the starch that was carrying the ink but now with the starched broadcloth, I know it is the cotton staple that is the culprit. See the bleeding ink in the muslin block on the left, below:

Click photo to enlarge
For those of you in the White BE, don't get shook about the shade of the broadcloth. It is white like the muslin. The lighting and my camera are playing tricks on you.

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