Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MA Thesis/Project


After school hours are when youths are most likely to commit crimes or become victims of accidents. After-school and out-of school program providers keep youths occupied during peak hours when working parents are unavailable and youths are at risk. 4-H has been a successful provider of after-school and out-of-school curricula that actively engages youths and develops character traits essential to maturity and positive contributions to society. The review of literature and pilot studies for this paper demonstrated a necessity for fiber arts related project materials that: 1) appeal to youth; 2) are designed for completion in limited time frames; 3) include opportunities for character development; and 4) reinforce skills and learning within typical academic subjects. This paper and resulting curriculum project reflect the need for curriculum materials for after-school and out-of-school program providers in the area of fiber arts and clothing and textiles. 4-H and Extension audience experience was background to development of the Fun with Fabric curriculum guide. This curriculum for after-school and out-of-school programs was produced on CD-ROM in full color and includes nine projects with related assessment tools for skills documentation.

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