Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MA in Apparel, Merchandising, and Textiles

This spring has been a bit crazy. I guess I knew it would be. On March 23, I defended my thesis at WSU in the AMT dept. It was one big day with the morning devoted to WSU's Academic Showcase and the afternoon presenting my thesis/project to faculty and friends.

My capstone project is a curriculum guide for 4-H after-school clubs in the area of fiber arts and sewing. The guide provides comprehensive instructions for 9 quick and easy projects plus additional activities for community service and leadership. The guide is on CD-ROM in full color.

We have the quick projects up for download at the WA 4-H site but in the near future the CD will be offered for sale. Proceeds will cover production and postage plus a contribution will be made to our state 4-H foundation that will go to the 4-H Clothing and Textiles Committee.

Graduation was on May 5. I had the privilege of meeting Deborah Vandermar, the first distance student admitted to WSU's AMT dept. I am most likely the last. Too bad! I think both Deborah and I would say that it was most advantageous to be able to do our master's from our home and remain employed and in touch with family. I hope to see others have this opportunity.


Jamie said...

Hi Sally,
I'm the first!!! Your pictures look great and I am proud of you because I know how hard you worked to finish your program. Congratulations! Jamie

Sally said...

Thanks, Jamie!! Now to find a job that puts some of the hard work to good use. ;)