Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Planning a Next Project

Inspired by one of Sharon's quilt at Adventures in Fiber I finally broke open a moire print jelly roll thinking I could easily find a 2.5 inch strip version of her quilt, one Bonnie Hunter calls Delectable Mountains. 

Watch Teresa at Down Under make the block with two squares:

Unfortunately, any pattern that said it was jelly roll friendly was for a fee and I wasn't going to pay 10 dollars for a single pattern design and an E-version at that. I finally settled for a used Strip Tube Ruler booklet that came to under 10 dollars because I had some bonus points on Amazon, I already have the ruler, and because it had several different patterns and more than one size quilt for each pattern. One called State of Grace will be perfect for my bright and solid appearing moire print strips. Author's website for the book I found on Amazon:

Strip Clubbing

See the quilt State of Grace:

Even though I found close up shots of State of Grace, I could not figure out how to use the Strip Tube Ruler to make cuts in a strip set. My brain just didn't see how to even arrange the strips into a set to cut and end up like the photos. Must be age or the dreary winter weather that is still plaguing us.

I have a layer cake of nearly solid crayon brights squares. I might try making a zig-zag or reflections version but with so many versions I have seen in my searches, a different layout might appeal to me when I actually arrange the blocks.  

Want to try a quick and easy project featuring just a few blocks?  See a table runner layout here:

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