Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sew Wonderful Simple Shawl Freebie

My version of Simple Shawl by Jane Hunter has generated some inquiries on Ravelry and from members of our neighborhood Wednesday afternoon knitting and crochet group.  I made an effort to write up my variation into a pattern that works with one cake of LionBrand Mandala yarn.  If you would like to read through it for errors or make a test knit, I would love the feedback.
Sew Wonderful Simple Shawl Pattern
Click on the linked caption under the photo or look at the side-bar links for Tutorials and Sew Wonderful Simple Shawl.  


Angie said...

I love this pattern! It was very easy to follow and work up. I'm making my second one now :-) I did make a correction to my copy, to include "SM" before and after the K1 in Section 2, row 1. Very minor, but may save others the confusion I faced the first time through :-) Thanks for the pattern!!

Sally said...

Thank you, Angie!! I need to do some blog entries and will add editing the pattern on my list.