Sunday, March 19, 2017

Got Half Square Triangles?

Frequently, I have been making holiday table runners that result in a scrap pile of 45 degree triangles.

Back Side
But I greatly disliked cutting squares made from half square triangles until I purchased a Bloc Loc ruler for squaring up half square triangle blocks (HST's).
Connecting Threads
Yesterday, armed with a 50% off coupon for our local Craft Warehouse, I made my purchase and now the 6.5 inch ruler has joined my collection of rulers and templates designed for rotary cutting.  The ruler is very expensive, probably due to the groove on back side for lining up the seam.  The groove works like magic to control slippage and create perfectly square blocks with a corner to corner seam as long as you remember to put the logo, Bloc Loc, on the "low" side of the seam.
Bloc Loc: Samples

Now to find all those HST's and piece them for a scrap quilt.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Don't drop it!!! I had to buy a new one when I broke a corner off mine. It's a great ruler, and worth the money, after you've used it a few times. Hopefully you are using yours for the TO exchange blocks. I really need to start on mine.

Sally said...

Cheryl, as much as I would like to hang up my rulers, I dread having them fall and chip. My first 24 by 6 inch ruler suffered a fall when I didn't quite get it on the nail securely. The chip wasn't fatal so I gave the ruler to someone who couldn't afford one after purchasing a rotary cutter and mat. I now keep my small templates in a small suitcase and the larger ones in a strange cupboard in my basement sewing area. It is about 4 inches deep, the perfect depth for all sorts of sewing notions. I will have to take some pictures someday. The area needs new carpet and paint, but the cupboards will stay if we ever get to remodeling the basement.