Friday, December 6, 2013

WOF Table Runners

Since Hanukkah table runners and centerpiece mats have consumed my recent creative time I thought I would share them.  

This one I saw in a picture and thought I could manage it without the kit since it was out of stock.  So in a nutshell, I estimated the strip widths and was very happy with the results.  To make your own, add seam allowances and cut strips from selvage to selvage (WOF).  The center finishes 7 inches, the narrow strips are 1 inch, and the border strips are 1.5 inches.  Layer the runner top with backing fabric and Pellon Fleece and sew and turn.  The finished table runner is 12 inches wide by 42 inches long and quilted in the ditch of the seams.  EZPZ!

Another WOF (width of fabric) runner will be added soon.  Stay tuned!

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DJ said...

It's great. You did a wonderful job. Congrats.