Sunday, October 28, 2012

BIG B, little b: What begins with B?

Baby's ball!
With fond memories of a crocheted ball a neighbor made my children when we lived in NE Portland in the '70s, I went looking for a pattern to knit a ball for my youngest grandson.  My search took me to Judy O'Brien's free pattern.  Her pattern is for sock yarn but with a couple of modifications, I thought it might work in this lovely self striping worsted that is virtually fuzz free.  After making the first ball, my own pattern emerged so I am offering it for you all to try. 

Finished Size:  About 18 inches in circumference

Supplies and Notions:
Self striping worsted weight and fuzz free anti-pilling yarn*
US 6 needles (double points or 2-24 inch circulars)
One or two stitch markers
Tapestry needle
Polyester Fiberfill

5-5 ½ spi  (specific gauge is not important, only that it is very tight so baby cannot pull out fiberfill)

Using Emily Ocker’s cast on: CO 4 stitches and divide evenly onto 2 circular needles, leaving an 8 inch tail.

All even rounds are knit.  Use a stitch marker to designate beginning of round.
Rnd 1:  K1fb around (8 sts)
Rnd 3:  K1, M1 around (16 sts)
Rnd 5:  K2, M1 around (24 sts)
Rnd 7:  K3, M1 around (32 sts)
Rnd 9:  K4, M1 around (40 sts)
Rnd 11:  K5, M1 around (48 sts)
Rnd 15:  K6, M1 around (56 sts)
Rnd 17:  K7, M1 around (64 sts)
Rnd 19:  K8, M1 around (72 sts)
Rnd 21:  K9, M1 around (80 sts)   
Rnd 22:  Place a stationary marker at the beginning of round and knit even for about 26 rounds.

Decrease to close ball.  All even rounds are knit until round 18. 
Rnd 1:  K8, K2tog around (72 sts)
Rnd 3:  K7, K2tog around (64 sts)
Rnd 5:  K6, K2tog around (56 sts)
Rnd 7:  K5, K2tog around (48 sts)
Rnd 9:  K4, K2tog around (40 sts)
Rnd 11:  K3, K2tog around (32 sts)
Rnd 13:  K2, K2tog around (24 sts)  Start stuffing ball with fiberfill.
Rnd 15:  K1, K2tog around (16 sts)  Continue stuffing ball.
Rnd 17:  K2tog around (8 sts)  Make sure ball is firmly filled with fiberfill.
Rnd 18:  K2tog around (4 sts)

Cut yarn, leaving an 8 inch tail.  Run yarn through the loops with a tapestry needle and remove knitting needles.  Pull yarn tight and run through loops again to fasten off.  Hide end inside ball.

*I Love this Yarn! from HobbyLobby or Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted are good easy care choices for this project.

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