Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Re-engineering the Mason Dixon Hand Towel

It has been my intent to make a Mason Dixon Hand Towel to give with some dishcloths, but the button on the tab bothered me.  It isn't in the center.  The designers use an even number of stitches to create the mitered towel and the tab.  An odd number of stitches would allow for a larger buttonhole to be centered easily.  Also, they start at the bottom up and work to the tab.  

If I can get away with starting with fewer stitches to cast on and count, I will.  So, last Friday, while dear grandson took some longer than normal naps, I set out to re-engineer the hand towel.  The tab is 9 stitches with a 3 stitch, one row buttonhole and then from there, I more or less just looked at the picture and went with appearances rather than attempt to use the instructions to count backwards to make the same number of increases to mimic their towel from the top down.  I used 12 rows of stockinette with 3 ridges of garter stitch in between.  It was an easy project, off my needles by Saturday afternoon.  Now to find the perfect button, maybe a daisy, ladybug, or frog. 


Jan said...

Great job. Maybe a sunflower or daisy button.

Sally said...

Love sunflowers! That would be perfect!