Sunday, October 3, 2010

Socks with a Picot Hem

Finished Picot Hem

These socks needed something a little different after being knit in ribbing.  The picot hem was the perfect finish.  I switched from K4P2 ribbing to stockinette for the width of the lavender stripe.  Then I repeated [K2tog,YO] for the folding row.  The next row was K, including the YO's.  Lastly, came K3P3 ribbing for the width of the lavender stripe, followed by a stretchy bindoff.  I tacked the hem over with a cross stitch needle (fine tapestry needle with a blunt tip) threaded with woolly nylon serger thread (one could split the fingering yarn into strands as an alternative).  Every inch, I stopped to stretch the hem so there would be enough slack in the woolly nylon to fit my leg.  I also kept the whip stitches short to prevent my fingers from snagging them when I put on the socks.  These socks are only a little over 5 inches long in the leg.  They stay up without additional support from elastic thread caught in the ribbing rows, an optional addition for longer socks on thin legs.

Picot Hem after the Socks Come off the Needles
Picot Hem Tacked in Place with Woolly Nylon Serger Thread

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