Friday, October 23, 2009

Easy Peasy!

When I told DDIL that I made Kool Aid Play Dough for Experience 4-H at the farmers' market on Oct. 3rd. She said she loved playing with play dough but when her mom made it, her sister always got the purple. I just had to make her some grape Kool Aid Play Dough and a pretty vinyl lined bag to put it it in. She and her niece, (her sis's daughter) can play with it. She is visiting this weekend so it is all ready to go home with her.


webbsway said...

I just found your lovely blog and enjoyed it so much.
I too always loved play dough and I adore the little bag you made for it! I have a friend who had a whole blot of that fabric.
I also loved your ironing board cover. I had to recover mine too . It was my Mama's and it means the world to me.
Keep sharing your lovely work and have a wonderful week.
Linda - The Sewing Granny

Lucy Wilson said...

this is so cute :( i may have to try to make this with my kids xxx