Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The $5 Lesson Machine

On Saturday, DH and I went on an excursion down into eastern Oregon to ride the Wallowa Union Railroad tourist train. Of course I had to work in a junk store, yard sale, and antique store to check for machines. However, I don't seem blessed with the knack of finding machines easily so it becomes work, especially when it is over 100 degrees in the afternoon sun.

Driving through Imbler, OR. We spotted a church yard sale. It was pretty late in the day and there was an over abundance of clothing but I had hopes there was a SM that I could make into a hand crank for one of he 4-H families that would like one for their 6 year old.

Well, towards the end of my perusing, I was surprised to find a two-tone green Janome Streamliner model. I just recently converted one to a hand crank and it made a lovely one so I was excited. A guy overseeing the sale apologized for no foot controller but I just brushed it off and checked it out. It had heavy splotches of dust in places but it did turn reluctantly and the finish looked like it would clean up without any evidence of its past. Without the missing FC and the bobbin case (a pretty standard class 15), I figured I would offer 5 dollars. The guy was pleased and I carried my prize back to the car.

My efforts to locate another SM were not rewarded. I stopped in an antique store in LaGrande. I was pleased to find an older desk-top Boston pencil sharpener. DS wants one. This one is in excellent shape. The suction grip is still very strong and the blades are sharp. He will be pleased. For 8 dollars, it was only one third the cost of a new table-top model.

When I paid for the pencil sharpener, I asked the lady if she had any SM's. She said no but the thrift store a couple blocks over had just gotten one in. She described a Lotus or Singer Genie from the sounds of the case and warned me the shop closed in 20 minutes. We headed over and were disappointed to find that they had closed early. The store was locked and the sign in the window said closed but the hours on annother on the door indicated they should be open. Well, that was a bit of a downer to say the least.

On that note, we called it a day, got some gas and headed home. Feeling still a bit sorry for myself, we ate dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Milton-Freewater, OR, on our way into Walla Walla.

Well, now you want to know what the 5 dollar lesson is? Check the clutch knob on the handwheel!!! I easily noticed the motor mount but didn't even bother really looking at the handwheel, I just turned it. The shaft is totally different. I will take some pictures later. To say the least, I have a very nice class 15 head that will probably make a very nice free motion quilter and it has a nice little cord and plug that will work the light. I am intending on putting the head in my Singer cabinet for a bit and then maybe I will bring it down to the Portland TOGA. If I don't find a class 15 bobbin case, the person who wants it will have to supply it. All of my orphan cases have found very nice new homes. Pun intended because I have a couple of New Home Janome machines in the fleet. ;)

Oh, now my Sew Green activity needs to be edited. I need to add specific info on indicators for a standard Singer type shaft.

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