Thursday, February 19, 2009

Postcard Perfect

Sometimes the right inspiration just happens. Our niece is attending a Journey with Christ retreat. We were asked to send her a card or letter with a special message.

Robin loves Irish dancing, so I spent an afternoon googling for an Irish blessing I could use on a quilted postcard. I found the perfect one and then found a Celtic Sun embroidery design with the symbol of the Trinity looped four times inside. Since St. Patrick's Day fabric is in for the season, fabric selection was easy! Now to get it in the mail. Trips to the PO are not my favorite thing to do.

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sewcreative said...

Wow, you did an absolutely fantastic job on the postcard for your niece. It is "perfect" and a wonderful tribute with the verse you chose! Thank you for posting the card for all of us to view and admire!