Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Conversion Complete!

Minnie, the Sweet 99, I rescued from the rain is now a handcrank sewing machine. She is in a beautiful oak base made by my son-in-law. The base is higher than recommended by the plans at Treadle On but my desk is lower than normal so it really is perfect to sew on with no stress to the arms and shoulders.

Parts for the conversion came from Cindy Peters and the instructions for converting to a handcrank are at Treadle On. The instructions show how to make an adjustment to the bobbin winder so it will work perfectly with the handcrank. Notice, I retained the light on the 99 by cutting the cord at the connection to the motor and adding a plug. I want to re-wire the light with a longer black cord but that is in the future. The rings that hold the light together are a bit tricky and they require special pliers to reposition.

I intend to make the next set of blocks for the Birthday TOGA exchange on Minnie. I purchased a foot at JoAnn's that promised a scant 1/4" seam allowance and a fit for my standard snap-on ankle. The foot snapped on but the first test I did was to watch it feed fabric without guiding it. The fabric didn't want to feed straight. At first I thought the feed dogs needed aligning or the presser foot bar was askew. Before I tinkered, I tested the standard Singer straight stitch foot. The fabric traveled in a straight line. It is the design of the foot that causes the fabric to go in a curved path.

I won't give up on the foot if it produces a scant 1/4" seam allowance. Stand by for test results. :)

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