Monday, November 19, 2007

Operation: Machine Rescue

Meet Minnie: A 99K from Kilbowie, Scotland

Minnie joined the fleet from Kennewick, WA, on November 17. She was outside in an open trailer with a sheet of plastic for protection from the weather. It was pouring down rain and she was keeping company with a Free brand treadle in an oak #5 cabinet. If I had the space for both machines and was sure I could restore the Free, I would have taken both machines. The lady who listed them on craigslist did not have room to store them inside. But, my Subaru could only hold one cabinet and I knew this sweet 99K would easily clean up to make a nice hand-crank for sewing blocks for the 2008 TOGA in Seattle.

Below, you can see some of the dust and rust that had accumulated on Minnie. I still need to do a bit more cleaning but Minnie is sewing smoothly and handwheel operates easily. I just need to order a hand-crank and spoked wheel plus a spool pin from Cindy Peters.


sandra said...

Oh my goodness, your 99K is so similar to one I picked up at a garage sale in IL. Mine had been well loved and is in a lovely little sewing cabinet. She's electrified; the instructions are photocopied sheets fastened together with ribbon. After just admiring her for over a year, I set up a design wall and sewed a quilt top with her. Nice stitches. Do you have any other info about 99Ks?

Sally said...

You can finds lots of info on the Singer 99's. The Singer website is a good place to start. If you need repair info, email me.